The Greener Side of Life

As a country girl born and raised, I share the “grass is always greener” IMG_7161mentality with my fellow cows. Stretching necks, burrowed noses and elongated tongues, sometimes the grass over the fence is just that much better. The wafting scent of fresher pasture is enticing. Seeing what is well within reach and just outside of touch, with a slight step further, it can be reached.

The life I share with these cows pushes me to aim higher, step higher and be better. Like the cows, I see the sweet green grass just through the fence as reachable. I would sooner reach further and successfully take, than to not reach at all. Aiming high can be a challenge, but aiming higher can be that much more rewarding when accomplished.

My country lifestyle has fueled my sense of adventure, replenished the thrill of life and aided in my desire to aim higher. The furry friends that surround me make life that much more entertaining. I have never lived a dull moment, never have I been bored and never have I ever turned down the opportunity for adventure. The grass is always greener, so stay open to new opportunities and new thrills. You never know when that tasty morsel of grass is exactly what you’ve been looking for. More to come… xo


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