Kitties, Crumbs and Cuteness

Nestled away off the beaten path of Georgetown, I walked into what looked like a coffee shop. Greeting me in the window sat a little black cat statuesque, looking off passively out into the street. Passers-by gazed lovingly at this cat, wondering in at the leisure to see what the entrance line was all about. “Cat Cafes “ seem to be the new rage, and I was able to witness firsthand this new trend.

I didn’t know what to expect when I first set foot into this feline frenzied and caffeine driven scene. Instantly, cats came out from everywhere, in anticipation of a gentle pet. The Cat Cafe was primarily filled with women and a few men dragged along by their eager girlfriends. Most women there looked as though they had a few too many cats at home, but sought yet another feline companion.

There were cats of all shapes, sizes and styles.FullSizeRender Some chubby, some skinny, some in fancy collars, others shaved like lions. There were cats sleeping, cats playing, cats cuddling and cats feigning. Toys for both humans and cats alike were strewn about the ground, next to the oversized pillows and cushions. Humans and cats sat on the ground on these massive cat beds, cuddled up, attempting to create a bond. The cats seemed happy to be on display, with the ebb and flow of potential house mates.

Playing toys in a giant cat house was fun. The “crazy cat women” were as enjoyable as the furry felines. The cat craze seems to be escalating, but when will there be a “Pudding and Paws” or “Dogs and Desserts”? Personally, I am more of a dog fan and would run towards the opportunity to eat a savory treat and play with a rolly-polly puppy, but the cat cafe was fun. Even if you are not a “cat person”, it is still a great time to play with cats, catch up on conversation and relax with another furry friend. More to come… xo


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  1. I agree with Tucker when he commented. Cats…YUCK! Dogs are man’s best friends and cats are antisocial weirdos that go to the bathroom inside and attract crazy people and hoarders.

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