The Sensory Shopping Expedition

Have you ever wandered through a store just to see what beautiful things are on display? I often like to meander about in stores, taking in the faint perfume and linen scent, looking at clothes as pieces of artwork. That is what I think of clothing – it is a showcase of one’s inner being; a statement signifying who you are as a person.

What I am wearing often indicates how I feel for the day. When I am happy, I pull on the bright pinks, blues, pastels, prints, or anything that displays my ebullient personality. When I wake up to a day of anger or sadness, I pull out my fierce clothing of dark understated earth tones. Depending on my mood, I coordinate it with my outfit choice, like that of a wine pairing; accenting the underlying smokey oak tones with the succulent flavor of rich, dark chocolate.

Sometimes when I go into various clothing exhibits (in other words: a store), I get excited to see the debut of new art. When the seasons change, along with the shifting of my moods, a store is the most thrilling place to be. New clothing screaming at you to buy it, pulling you in all different directions. Buy me! Buy me! New prints, colors, patterns, designs all vying for your attention. These are the days that I go prepared: credit card in hand, oversized tote bag and sneakers. Trying on the season’s latest fashion can be fun and exhausting all at the same time. Sometimes you have to remember to accent your greatest features and not be pressured into something that is not you. Often, the IT fashion is only for certain individuals, but remembering that there is always something perfect just for you, is key. Shopping is a sport. Clothing is an art. And you are your own personal curator. More to come… XX.


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