We Go Together Like Sunshine and Lilly

I hang on the end of the rack with my brightly colored print hoping to become the newest “IT” piece. I am rather small and hug certain curves in the best way. My detail and vibrant floral print only looks right for certain women. I am a short dress; but only short on someone with seemingly long legs.

I watch as women and girls race by me, grabbing my sisters in a panicked frenzy. My sisters are squealing with delight that they may soon be in a home with a proud, beautiful woman. We make our owners happy, and they make us happy.

Months earlier I hung on the racks of a brightly lit store with hundreds of my sisters. I was happy there. When the time came to make space for our new sisters, many others and I were delicately taken from our hanging homes and placed in plastic within a dimly lit box. We knew we were being taken to our annual showcase event “The Lilly Warehouse Sale”. We were thrilled. Our time had come to find our owners and make our way into their closets.

I spot her from a mile away. Petite blonde, slender build with delicate and fine features and she is prancing towards me! She looks determined to find the dress to hug her gentle curves and highlight her bubbly personality. I know I will be the one for her.

Instantly, she grabs me from my rack and hugs me tightly like I was what she was determined to find. She runs to the packed dressing room and throws me on with jittery excitement. As soon as my zipper is pulled to the top, I know I fit her like a glove. I am just the right length above her knee. My deep V stops right at the perfect place and my colors make her pop like a firework display. She is even more ebullient looking in the mirror then when she first came to find me. She waits patiently, clutching me tightly as the line moves like a labyrinth twisting back and forth. It feels like a lifetime before I am finally paid for and out the door.

I don’t make my debut until a few weeks after my arrival at my new home, yet my owner hangs me on her closet door like an award displayed proudly upon a mantel. Each day she looks at me, waiting for the perfect day to wear me. The day I am slipped off my hanger and quickly pulled onto my owner is the most wonderful day. Her gold slingbacks with kitty-cat heels are the perfect compliment to my gold stitching. Her hair in a loose bun and little gold studs adorns her ears and are of understated elegance. She grabs her long gold clutch and walks out the door with such graceful confidence, I know exactly where we were going and we will be the highlight of the event.


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