Trying on for Size

How does one know whether something fits? Is it the feel, the look, the exact size, or a combination? I’m an avid online shopper, but the amount of guesses I have done on whether something might “fit” is immeasurable. Most of the time, I make it work, and things sit in my closet gathering dust, all because it was the right price and I was simply too lazy to return the items. 

It’s difficult to take a good guess of what works and what doesn’t. Testing everything makes you well aware of what clicks and what doesn’t. How can you guess once and know it’s a fit? From a lot of experience, that doesn’t work. The only thing that really works, is trying things on. 
In the New Year, it is time to try as much as possible: a new color, different fabric, an out-there style. How do you know it doesn’t work, unless you give it a try? It’s the only way to truly know. 


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