Fall is the New Black

When the days become shorter and the temperature drops, it means fall is upon us. Boot weather, leather jackets, and Uggs come out of hiding. Pumpkin flavored treats litter stores and orange replaces the vibrant pinks of the summer. The trees display hues of yellow, red, and orange. A splendor of color explodes before the trees become vacant of their three season wardrobe. 

Transitioning the beauty of fall to the anticipation of a white coating covering the vast emptiness left behind. The vacancy is soon filled with holiday splendor and bountiful servings of pie (because cold calls for baggy sweaters and pants… another slice of deliciousness is always an immediate “yes”, till swimming pools shed their covers). 

Just because the days are short and the climate freezing doesn’t mean hibernation is in order. The fashion warrants a sense of comfort and vogue fashions. Nothing says winter like fur (faux), tall boots, and a scarf. Winter is something, as season that I look forward to all year. I finally get to haul out my plethora of coats, boots, and fleece lined leggings. The time of year that you can eat what you want, wear comfortable style, and share everything with family and friends. Welcome winter, I’ve been waiting…


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