Mirror Mirror

Mirrors assist in outfit choosing, make up applying, and fairytale words you wish to hear. Mirrors can make you feel pretty or make you feel disgusting. They can feed into vanity and fix dishevel-ness. Mirrors reflect how you appear to the world. 

Without a mirror, eyeliner would be crooked, shirts might be a button askew, hair might be slightly a-kimbo. With the aid of a mirror, you can find your subtle flaws before the world does. They can either make you feel great or insecure. Mirrors can be either your worst enemy or your greatest friend- Mirror mirror on the wall… 

Fairytales brought to light the greatest power of the reflection. You are your greatest critic. Only you can really see the minor imperfections. Mirrors can help make you into the rock star you are, or show you just how desperately you need a shower. The glassy surface shows you – you. It gives a glance to who you are: you are what you look like, your outward appearance reveals your inner being. Mirrors are meant to assist and not to hurt. Using it wisely to give you confidence, not tear it down. The only voice coming out of the mirror is your own (not the creepy ghost like face that tells you if you are the fairest in the land). Mirror mirror… 


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