The New Addiction

There is never a better feeling than getting a deal. Finding beautiful new clothes, shoes, and purses to add to a vast wardrobe for an eighth of the cost, you feel like you are winning. Thinking that your week’s new outfits will eat up most of your paycheck and then hearing from across the counter it’s basically the price of your Starbuck’s addition: score. 

I might have a bit of a shopping addiction, sprinkled with an extreme couponer (or savings addict). Walking into a store, scanning bright and beautiful clothes and shoes, I feel a rush. When I stack my shopping bag and arms full of new styles, I cannot wait to see what works. Nothing compares to the look and feel of a great dress, pair of jeans, shirt, that looks equally amazing on you as it does on the manikin. Instantly, planning an occasion to wear this new dress or outfit! It’s as though the perfect outfit is a magical cloak of confidence. The secret potion for great days and new success. 

Everything boils down to the clothes. If Adam and Eve didn’t eat the forbidden fruit, then we wouldn’t have the options for a unique style. Another step for a creative entity and a way to set yourself apart from others. No one can have too many clothes, too many options, and too many unique styles. Winning that perfect outfit for half the price is what makes the world go round. I think we all need options and we all need to live fabulously in our plethora of clothing options. 


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