From Tims to Stilettos

When I was very young, there was a time that from the moment I awoke, to the moment I hopped into bed, I would be wearing my jelly sandals. It got to the point where the clear sparkles dulled and the straps started to stretch out from over usage. It is sad to admit, but their ultimate demise took place at a gas station receptacle far away from home.  

A few years later, my new shoe love came in the form of classic yellow and brown boots (you know the type, primarily worn by construction workers and those who work with heavy machinery). These boots were worn with dresses, bike shorts, and swimsuits. They rocked every outfit I wore, even if it was just leggings and a beetle t-shirt (not the band, but actually a Volkswagen Beetle t-shirt). The Tims completed my look. To me they were nice enough for church and sturdy enough to hike. They worked with every aspect of my life.  

Today, my shoe choices have expanded far more than I care to admit. I have my go to pairs, but instead of wearing a pair to the end of their life, I like to switch it up. Now, my shoes make my outfit and fit my day. From sandals to heels, my outfit completes my look. I see the shoes on my feet as accents to convey how I want to be displayed to the world. Even mannequins wear shoes, completing the “look of the store.” Shoes can be so much more than just something to keep your feet from hitting ground. 

From my sparkly heels to my bright pink sneakers, I have something for each outfit. I may have started with jellies, but I have found my way to stilettos (only for special, short occasions). I have finally found my appreciation for nice footwear. All outfits need shoes to make a statement. Find some Tims or Pradas, and rock your look. 


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