Sawyer Thoughts

At 6:15 AM, if you aren’t up, I will get you up. I will paw at your covers till I find your hands. I will make sure your hands are atop my head. I will nose you till your hands find my head. I want to make sure that you know that my tummy is grumbling and my food bowl is empty. I cannot wait another minute! 

I sleep in your bed when you aren’t around to make sure it is warm for your return. I hop on the leather couch and claw at the cushions, to make sure they are plumped. I spill water on the floor to make sure it is clean. I do so much for you when you aren’t around, the least you can do is make sure my food bowl is full! 

It takes a lot to be a dog. I am alert, when I am awake, to keep predators away. I am a guard dog and a loyal companion. I make sure you get your exercise.

To me, my schedule revolves around my stomach. When I am hungry, I am hungry. There is no stopping the hunger that is unleashed. I will pry your hands from your computer, get you off the couch, and make sure you walk to my bowl with a heaping scoop of kibble! I know that you have other things to do, but to me, this is way more important! 

Being a part of the family is key to me. I love when everyone is together, it puts my wild mind at ease. I know I can be emotional when everyone returns, from crying to jumping to licking and barking, but I want to make it known that I am here for you, and you for me. 


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