Push, Pat, Pearls

As one adorns the face of the day, lipstick, hairspray, and pearls, one arms oneself for the day. Some of the battles fought throughout the day now involves “the worst life”. Fighters in these battles fight tooth and nail to determine who has it worst. With the worst day, worst week; worst food, worst drink there is always room for losers in this battle. 

As fighters dribble on with their life complaints, it is time to fix your hair sprayed tiara and ‘push, pat, pearls’. Every human on this planet has suffered to a degree. Just because your coffee is a touch too hot or one grain of sugar less, doesn’t mean life can’t move on. 

Carrying the fights of other, does not make your back any stronger. Each and every one has weights to carry (almost as much as Atlas)… But when fighting the battles for worst, it is better to straighten the pearls and forget the burdens of the day/week/life. Now “bless your heart”. 


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