Veil of Waves

Diving into the seemingly eternal abyss. Cringing at the sudden shock of cold flood over you like an electric bolt. Feeling as though you are quickly sinking into further chilling darkness. With tightly closed eyes suddenly opening to the world beneath the liquid mirror, reflecting the sky above. The world is suddenly new and exciting. Flourishing with creatures and natural formations never seen before. This is a new world. Entirely hidden below the glistening veil of waves and foam.
Exploring new seas is always an adventure. Whether that be a voyage by boat, paddleboard, or leg propelled fins, there is always something new to see. There is so much more to life than dirt and grass, there is the salt and sand that have yet to be discovered. Out in the water, it is as though the world fades away and a new world comes to light. The waves crashing like a subtle reminder of Poseidon’s strength, and who’s house you are exploring. The summertime is a chance to embark on a journey through the depths of life within a new world. When entering into this world, it is no longer human territory. It is run by the waters and it’s inhabitants. It is a place where one has to abide by the rules of the water and explore not harming Mother Nature’s creations.
It’s more than just a pool. It is world full of adventure. No floaties allowed.

1 thought on “Veil of Waves

  1. For many the floatie is their only bridge to learning to float independently and ultimate navigate their way. Treat the floatie as a means to an end – and not necessarily an end.

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