The New School Outfit

Life is on repeat. Every year you get to a new grade, you pick out the perfect outfit and stand on the front steps to photograph one year older and one year wiser. With backpack strapped to your bag, a nervous grin wide, and pigtails high. Sometimes it’s the same group you are moving forward with, other times it’s entirely new. Being the new kid is like walking into a lions pit: fresh meat. It is intimidating but also very exciting. 

This newness never goes away, just rolls into adult life. One thing I’ve noticed about myself is that tend to be hyper aware of my mistakes. The snort I make when I gurgle water too quickly, the fact it says push when I pull fiercely, or tripping with a freshly poured coffee. It’s as though I’m trying so hard to be the adorned pageant queen and quickly become the class clown. It’s as though when I try so hard to just fit and blend in, it like my mind says NO you will stand out. Not the best way to start off a new class or job… 

Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of self awareness and a little deprecation and you’ve got the perfect combo to make friends. Sometimes you can’t take life seriously. If the cool kids don’t invite you to eat with them the first day, sit (in the bathroom) with the new kids. Everyone is new sometime (unless you are in the Truman show). It just takes a bit of time before things get better. Before you know it, you find something in common and run with it. It’s just life. Just own you. 


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