Door Number Three

You know how people say “when one door closes, another opens”, I truly believe that is the case. With every new decision comes a different path to follow. I have just chosen a different path from behind door number 3. I decided to take a chance on something new and follow my inner guide.

Diving into a different pool, completely out of your element can be petrifying, but also thrilling. Taking in the first day of a new path, palms sweaty, heart rate monitor ringing (showing signs of an impending heart attack), and mind whirling. It can be overwhelming! No matter how extreme emotions can be, in the end it is where you are meant to be.

Truly, I cannot wait for this new adventure. One where I can create my own path and jump into uncharted waters. Life is meant for adventures and this is certainly one for the books. No matter how frightened of the unknown, it is still better than the known. It is better to take chances and try something new. You never know how it will be unless you take the chance.


2 thoughts on “Door Number Three

  1. Congratulations and good luck on your new journey! You are amazing and capable of anything and I know that you will do great things.

  2. Its been easy to recognize you as a “Trail Blazer” in the making. The body of work you’ve created in your short career is already larger and more inspired than many can hope for in their lives. The folks who identified your inherent talents are some of the smartest folks I know … and the people you’ll be working with in your new gig are pretty darn brilliant as well. Be cautious, but be bold. You have not been selected out of mere coincidence. Your combined inventiveness, inquisitiveness, and energy will serve you and your new team well. One request: Leave some breadcrumbs for others to follow as you create things we’ve not seen before.

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