The Tangled Lines

Sometimes it can feel as though you are caught in a riptide, getting pummeled by the waves of life. It can feel as though you are struggling to gasp for air. Life has a way of surrounding us like a tightening cocoon, like a python. 

In these times, we have to realize that only we can tread the water, lay flat on the quick sand, and break free from a serpents grasp. I think life throws curveballs in threes. With every strife there is a resolution. With every hardship there is a redemption waiting to be reached. With every struggle, there is a lesson waiting to be learned and a success just over the horizon. 

 Many can get buried by life. Like quicksand, it can grab you and not let go. We all go through this. We all have struggles waiting to be conquered. It is best to remember that we are not alone and that only we have the power to change the outcomes. It’s your life, start living like it. 


1 thought on “The Tangled Lines

  1. You excel beyond your youth and experience with your perspectives. Many of which people don’t realize or appreciate in their entire lives. As a friend – I’m also an admirer. Please promise to continue to pause and take stock in what you are seeing and feeling and share it in your words.

    We all need “shots of new perspectives” to keep our own thinking open and accepting of other’s veiws.

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