The Present Year

Birthdays in my family have always been a monthly affair. From the moment birthday month rolls around, we commence celebration. To us, birthdays are something that properly deserves a cake(s), dinner(s), picnics in the woods and presents.  Lots of presents… Whether we travel, have a stay-cation, or visit our local towns, there is always a plan awaiting action.

My birthdays in particular have always been shared with my identical twin sister. Therefore, always two presents, sometimes the same things just different colors. It’s not just “Katie’s birthday” it’s “the twin’s birthday”. The strangest thing about sharing a birthday (with someone close to you- that is… since we all share birthdays…) is the fact that it isn’t your own. Instead of celebrating you, it’s celebrating us. It’s not just one stack of presents, one birthday card, or one cake, it’s two of everything or shared

On the special day, it’s time to reflect on the year and think of what it is to come into the older/wiser age. We reminisce on last celebrations and years, looking forward to what the future year holds. It’s as though the year itself is wrapped in pretty blue paper, tied off with a satin white and gold bow, waiting to be slowly unwrapped throughout the entire year. Only when your birthday rolls around again, will you know the present that was awaiting its unveil. 


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