Every Thread Holds a Memory

What if clothes held memories of the time you wore them?  What if the dress you wore to your senior prom or the skirt you wore on the first day of school held on to those moments like a scrapbook? Held in place. Each time you see that dress, the one that made you feel like a model in Paris- that dress remembers too. Sharing a moment in the past.

The delicate fabric stitched together with memories. Each string, bead, and pearl, holding a moment from the time you wore it. What if the dress could share the times with you, like a secret only you know. I have a few dresses that hold moments of the past; only worn once and then hung like a trophy in my closet. Never to be worn again, but held onto like a bookmark in a previous chapter of my life. Each graduation, cotillion, or formal. Dresses not to be shared, but a living memory of the time worn.
If one of my dresses could speak, the story would go like this:
“I hung in the back of a brightly lit shop. The shop smelled of flowers and glistened like that of the stars on a clear night. People wondering in and browsing among the racks of my sisters and me. Each with their own story. Their own eras. Their wanting to be worn again. Bringing back the fashion of the time from which they were worn.
I,on the other hand, have been worn a handful of times. I have a purpose. Like that of a diamond ring- I make a statement.
I saw wandering eyes the moment the store door bell rang. The look of a mission. The tried exhaustion spread across the face, like someone who’d been searching for something for a long while, with no success. It was at that moment, she saw me. Her eye locked on my full length skirt and gems.
I was hung prominently in the center of my sisters. Delicately pulling me down from my secured hanger- held in front of the mirror to check my length. Carefully slipping my full skirt and bodice over her head. My zipper secured. As she spins round, I knew this was meant to be. I was to be for another event. I had one more glimmer of life left in me, shining through as my new owner wore me.
The moment came on a hot May day. The sun beating down on us like we were under the magnifying glass sprawled out on a black top. My jewels sparkling in the radiance of the sun. My owner complementing me with her hair in curls and simple shining necklace. Her shoes in silver with beads to match my own.
As we walked with confidence among her peers down the long turf ground. Heels sinking, my skirt dragging, head held high. We walked across the high stage, shoulders back and feet straight, towards the finale in one of many chapters in her life. Making way forward to the next anticipated adventures.
That day was one that we shared together. One that will forever be a memory that surfaces from time to time. I still hang in the closet; remembered for the occasion that I was worn to conclude High School. One that holds the memories from a defining moment in life. One that propelled her towards new adventures.”

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