Awaiting Santa’s Arrival

As a child life, can be so simple. The biggest concern is whether a school day is cancelled due to snow, or what to add to a uniform to make it trendy. Going back through my childhood treasures, I find that I thought of things more in black and white. I remember this time of year was always the most fun! I eagerly awaited Santa’s arrival and anxiously dreamt of my presents under the tree. I knew what was to come, but the desire for the day gnawed at me like frost bite. I remember the hardship of drifting to sleep with the thought of hooves on my roof and a man in my chimney. – Did I set out enough cookies? Does Rudolph like dog treats? – Thoughts dancing through my mind like that of snowflakes across a frozen pond. Christmastime is the only time of year when that child in you sparks to life.

The memory of walking down the stairs to the wafting smell of pine and coffee to find beautifully wrapped presents stacked around the fireplace and tree, still holds a prominent place in my mind. The colorful boxes teasing me to open them at the speed of light. The longing to find which present is the Ferby. I fondly remember the joy I had as a child when I unwrapped the gift I had been wanting most before my sister. The look on her face of shock, hoping that she too had the same gift in one of her still papered boxes. This time of year is one of reminiscing on past experiences, whilst creating new magical memories. FullSizeRender.jpg
Even as a child, I recognized that Christmas was a time that could conquer any sadness, worry or stress.
“Once upon a time, there was a Santa, there were two elves that loved Christmas so much that they were sad because all the kids were sad, then Christmas came and the kids were happy”
Trees decorated. Hot chocolate made. Cookies devoured. The Christmas spirit very much alive. The childlike excitement is seeping through. As Christmastime rolls upon us, old memories float to the top of our minds. As Christmas descends upon us, new memories mingle with the old, thus keeping the spirit of the holidays alive throughout the year.

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  1. Your family celebrated Christmas as we did – but of course, your Grandpa and Grandma were my Mom and Dad. Merry Christmas!

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