Falling for Christmas

At this time of year, the Spirit of Christmas descends like a warm blanket offering comfort and warmth for the bone chilling nights. When life throws you snowflakes and the bitter winds blow your way, nothing warms the soul like a warm cup of spiked hot coco and the cheer of good company. Giving into the stress that is wrapped in a sparkly bow, brought to you by none other than the jolly old big guy, is like refusing to make the icing for a gingerbread house- and realizing the house crumbles without it. Christmas and Thanksgiving are a time of thanks to be shared with those you love (or like a lot).

For me, there is something magical that occurs during Christmastime. The air feels softer. The sky suspends with the accumulation of Frosty’s main ingredient. The warmth coming from within. The warm glowing sun in hibernation, whilst the burning fires providing each home the glow that releases them from Jack Frost’ grasp. The radiance of a Christmas tree illuminating the dark corners of an otherwise creaky and silent abode. No Glade candle can smell as sweet, nor radiate the sparkle like that of a glowing, freshly cut Christmas tree.

Winter raises the feeling of hibernation, burrowing deeply within the soul. Winter is here to stay, but with it brings exciting adventures.  The first snowfall is the silver lining on an overcast day; it is as though Mother Nature is cast over us like a security blanket used to ward off the monsters in our closet. The Christmas spirit keeps us warm on the chilly nights, and family and friends keep our spirits lifted throughout the shortened days. The Christmas spirit has awakened and now all we have to do is embrace it.


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