A Memory Flash

SoFullSizeRender.jpg-3me objects have the power to link us to our past. Whether it is the blanket you slept with as an infant, the boots that led you to new heights, or that stuffed animal that helped you fight the monsters under your bed. For me… That was Fetch. Fetch was a soft and well-cuddled TY large Beanie Baby yellow lab. Fetch was there to protect me from the beasts in my closet and helped me through any sickness that kept me from school. He stuck with me when I thought I wanted new animal friends and when I thought I could sleep alone. When I see Fetch, I am bombarded with memories. Memories that are good, bad, and even insignificant. The troubling, restless nights; the sweet dreams and adventures; the endless hours of sick TV watching. Memories can be tied to something as small as a stuffed animal or as big as a house

When your memory sparks alive by a scent, a scene or inanimate object, you are instantly flooded with some kind of emotion. Whether you
remember something good or bad, you are transported to another point in time. Sometimes it’s a memory that hasn’t been relived, and
other times its one that has flooded back multiple times, as though trying to escape. These memories as often buried so deep that when they are triggered, it is as though the memory train has run you down and you need to find your breath again: in and out. The senses seem to relocate lost times and play them back for you like an animated movie you feel you’ve seen before, but don’t remember the ending. At times you can piece together these lost memories through the objects the surround you. When life throws you the sparks, you can either ignite the fire or let the glimmer of amber flash and burn before your eyes.

When I see Fetch, I remember the security I felt through the tumultuous dreams that coasted through my active mind, taking the sparks and piecing together the nightmares to conquer. Even as an adult, you can fear the monsters under your bed. Those you carry with you, the burdens and difficulties of the day. It can be challenging to overcome, but sometimes the safety of a small cuddly beanie baby (or panting spunky yellow lab) can surpass life’s daily monsters. Objects, scents, scenes and dreams can unlock an abundance of memories. Each day you create new memories that can burry the old ones. Living each day to trigger the memories you long to remember will make you excited to unlock the flash. Relinquish the terrible memories/monsters that leech life’s sparkle. Keep the good memories and feelings in your arsenal to defeat life’s challenges. Monsters always have a weakness and everyone has a Fetch in their life to help them defeat the dark lurking in closets.


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