All of Three Seconds

It only takes three seconds for someone to judge you. When you walk into a first date, interview, or meeting, by the time you’ve said your first and last name, a person has already made up their mind about you. If you are like me, then changing your mind once it has been made is next to impossible. Therefore, making the right impression is the best impression. Picking out an outfit, doing your hair, painting your face on creates the first impression. Picking something that showcases you, is key. Think about it this way… When Pocahontas was forced to wear english garb, she instantly lost who she was (I’m talking about the Disney version, not real-life… that is a depressing story). John Smith (again Disney version) helped her find herself in a foreign city, bringing her back to her roots. Ultimately, helping her make the right impression, whilst staying true to the inner fiber of her being.

You know when you have those days, when all you want to do is wear sweatpants, eat ice cream and watch your best friends the House Wives on TV? Think of the times when you are shopping at Whole Paycheck and you see someone just like that, what are your thoughts? I can pretty much guarantee they aren’t aligned with “I love her outfit”. Sometimes it is okay to throw fashion to the wind and just go with comfort, but think about those you may run into. Who knows, could be a future employer, best friend or boytoy. Life is full of magical mysteries that can come at you when you least expect them. So, it may be wise to dress for those magical, special occasions that could occur.
Everyone wants to be Juliet in Romeo’s story (save the whole death thing). When Romeo first laid eyes on his woman, his exact reaction was:
In other words, he was enchanted by her the moment he saw her. If she had thrown on any ‘ole smock, after mucking out stalls, do you think she would have received such awe? My guess is no… Dressing for every occasion in a way that accents you, displays you, and emulates you, is what should be done everyday. You never know whether Romeo could be creeping out your window, desperate for you (kinda creepy when you think of that happening – he’d be called something less than “romantic” in this day and age). Dress for you, others, and the day. Standing in courage, style, and beauty. A perfect outfit can be the armor you need for any occasion.

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  1. Your thoughts are so insightful, it’s hard to believe that you’re only 23 (?). I mean that as a sincere compliment!

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