Moving Spaces

Moving spaces is like opening a blank journal with pages yet to be written. The blank canvas waiting for a masterpiece. The design waiting to be created. Life is a series of blank pages waiting for the right words. Like sheet music waiting for the lyrics with the melody already in mind. Moving spaces is a new adventure.

City living is essentially the antithesis of country living. With noise, chaos, traffic, commotion. No tractor hauling or bail making, just new faces speedily paced towards a destination. Bars, nightlife, restaurants, shopping, everything a breath away. The faint smell of tires and gas countering that of grass and sunshine. The outdoor space is one for all, sidewalks, city parks, street seating, verses the personal open spaces and forest places. City life is one with a bustling backdrop and noisey white-noise as a life’s song. Country is that of peaceful contemplation with time to reflect and rejuvenate. In the life of a young person, it is nice to be where the action is. The night never stops. There is always a place to be.  A new person to meet. A new food to try. A new shop to find. Life at the doorstep.

Country living is one that will forever tame the chaos and impediments life throws. If life is spiraling out of control, a bit of fresh air and a furry bovine, equine or canine friend can be the refresh one needs. Sometimes two opposite lifestyles can be the perfect combination for a more balanced life. All it takes is a bit of green and a new dress, or new friend, to make right in your world.


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