New Love in Old Treasures

Shining objects singing plywood tables. Glistening rings, dusty plates, and old wooden frames crowd the tiny space. Antiques, sentimental items, and exhausted toys sat, staring back at the wandering buyers. Once a family heirloom, a link to the past or a symbol of a previous joy, casually glanced at, picked up, or purchased. Setting out in search of an item, but returning with another is a consistent theme. Bargaining for the best price and grabbing for more is the staple that ties together the past and the present homes for these nomadic items.

Finding something with potential to become the gem you have been seeking. Refurbishing. Redoing. Bringing life back to an otherwise lifeless object. Finding that very thing you’ve been wanting most and putting your stamp/flair/mark on it. Turning someone’s otherwise unwanted item and making it cherish-able again.

Taking home your finds to polish, paint, rebuild, adding a bit of elbow-grease to add some sparkle into the otherwise lifeless object. Rings polished and now luminous, dull frames revamped, abandoned dressers given purpose. Walking through the labyrinth of resellers treasure keepers and finding potential in a discarded once loved object and giving it a new life is a thrill. It’s as though Toy Story’s abandoned toys are biding for attention, looking for a new place to call home. With a little attention and an open mind, you can find the lost treasure that you’ve been seeking.


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