A Passing Wave

Windows down. Music blasting. Hair tousled by the circulation of fresh air. Cruising along the dirt, back country roads. Stopping and swerving for animals. Familiar with every winding curve. Every passing vehicle. Every stalk of corn. Passing a fellow dirt road navigator, there is a sign that portrays a sense of knowing: the passing wave.

Approaching a tractor, car or person, the signal of understanding and respect is with a slight flick of the wrist or a simple nod. Subtle signals of the country life. As calm as the rolling waves that wash over you in the ocean, the country wave is a sign of home.

The city wave is one that signifies only those deemed worthy will be accepted. The city wave can either be accepted on sight or brutally rejected. The simple showing of one’s palm or the head nod will signify the worthiness of the person’s presence. Oft times this subtle, yet impactful wave can be as fleeting as the casual jogger or as friendly and warm as the summer sun.

The boat wave is selective and segregated. The sailboats wave to fellow sailors with the respect of a fellow wind enthusiast. Motor boaters often are signaled with other hand gestures, mostly due to the lack of waterway knowledge. Sailboats cruise by with the acceptance of the slower time that passes by. Most motor boats speed off, thinking their time is more valuable than the rest, driving too close to those directed by the wind’s force. The wave of a sailor is selected for those who understand the rules of the water.

Each wave is reserved. The wave of a friend is different from the wave of a stranger. The outward facing palm representing the intrinsic nature of acceptance and familiarity. The passing wave, as natural as the rolling hills of the country roads.


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