Life is but a Wait

Sitting, standing, thumbs twiddling. Waiting. Checking clocks. Waking phones. Hoping my name is called, I reach the end of the line, or I finally receive what I have been anxiously awaiting. Life is made up of a serious of place holders, what you do with those place holders is up to you.
Waiting for your dream. That perfect person. That ideal life. That next job. That new dress. That new furry friend. Some stop and cling to the idea that something will be delivered to them. Watching the ticking hands of a clock, eager for their life to be handed to them. They sit and wallow until what they are seeking pining away is handed to them. Life is fleeting. Simply waiting for chances or change will never bring about a full life.
Those who wait are not taking advantage of what life offers. Even in times of lines, traffic, or package delivery, there is always a way to thrive in periods of waiting. The shoe tapping and the weight shifting will not make time pass any faster, will not make that line shorter, or the traffic less. Waiting is a period of silence, contemplation. It is a test of patience. Weeding out those who want time to pass too quickly< Who would want that? > Revel in those periods of the slow passing time, since time always passes slowly when staring at the clock hands tick backwards.
Waiting is more of an ellipsis. It is the cliffhanger of life. Final test results, scores, approaching the front of a line; the anticipation tying the bow of life’s stress. Instead of an a lifestyle ellipsis, think of liFe more in terms of periods. Periods are endings that lead to new beginnings. Periods inform you when a chapter of life is coming to an end. The periods are what string sentences of activity together. Life is a series of various periods. Often, the waiting placeholders are seen as times of anxiety. Instead, they should be the period of pause. That space between the last letter and the final period of a chapter. Use it to think about how to obtain what you are waiting for in life. Think about how that next chapter should start.
For me I like to end chapters with precision. Beginning new ones with action. No more ellipsis, commas or collins. Taking the previous chapters in life and leaping into the new chapter. No more waiting. Waiting is like standing in a well of water, watching the rain slowly trickle in. Filling shoes, surrounding waist, reaching shoulders. Waiting for the ladder to fall, the light to shine, the rope to climb. The waiting water will swallow you whole. Use the walls to reach the out. Only you can make the ascent. Don’t let waiting be the foundation or the main theme in the chapters of your life. There is always a new chapter ahead.



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