Never a Dull Sparkle

I think it is safe to say that I have never lived a dull moment in my life. Boring people are the only ones who are ever bored. Life is exciting and invigorating. There are countless things to do, even on the rainiest of days. There is no grey cloud in the sky that will ever dampen my day. Life moves far too quickly to make excuses for boredom.

There is always a game to play, a hill to climb or a stream to jump. Never a dull moment. There is always a challenge waiting to be conquered. A dress ready to be purchased. A puppy waiting to play. Each person is spoke of the cognitive wheel we call life. Keeping that wheel revolving requires life to be lived. There is always something better, something worth striving for, something worth living for. To keep that sparkle shining, that light radiating, there is no time for boredom.

Even when life throws you rocks and makes you whine, there is always something better just through the vines. Look to the brighter side of life, nothing is more sparkly than that. No great story ever started sleeping on a Lazy Boy recliner. Put on that tiara and emulate that inner sparkle.


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