Dear Human

Dear Human,

As I sit here at your feet, between dreams of running and growling, I contemplate our time together. Since you picked me out of the litter of yellow’s, I knew I was home. The paddle pool swim sessions to the accidental piddles, I knew this was meant to be. As I grew significantly larger than my anticipated height and weight, I still feel as though you can pick me up; this is why I sit on you and leap into your arms. When you leave me for long periods of time, I cry. I am stuck with an obnoxious brother who always wants to play. He is too eager in his rooting for toys. I am not one to play all the time. I value my sleep and my sun bathing. I don’t like to be left alone on my own accord. When I can see and hear you, I cry. I pant. I wallow in my sorrow. I never give up, even when I have lost my voice from barking and crying. I love my humans.

What I might love more than you though, is water. I cannot get enough. Jumping in off a platform is my favorite. When I make a splash, I am happy. With my life jacket on, I like to sink and then quickly rise to the surface. When you join me in the water, I play tag with my claws. I’m only trying to save you. The red scratches are my trophy. When we are all together, I am in my happy place.

My not so happy place is when we are on that water vessel. When I am tilted so far that I have to dig my claws into the wood so tight my toes ache; I panic. My little room with the tiny window allows me to keep eyes on you, while feeling more secure. When I have my fluffy big beds to lay across, I have a better advantage to the window. I deserve a cookie for my faithful watching.

IMG_5650 (2)When I see you take out your image rendering devices, I know I will be the center of the photo. I strike poses at my best angle and know that it will be my new profile photo on Facebook. I don’t have a bad side. When you dress me in my sunnies, shoes and custom made shirt, I know I am looking fly. Photos of me get you likes.

My hair clings to you like I cling to you. I shed my yellow fur so a cloud of me follows you everywhere. I tag you as a reminder to come back to me. I wait by the door in eager anticipation for your return. I will jump and cry and slobber all over you, too excited that you returned to me. While you were gone for 15 minutes a lifetime, my brother left you a present on the carpet, I swear it wasn’t me.

Always loyal, always loving, always there,



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