Putting My Face On

Panicking and pacing. Throwing on eyeshadow and lipstick in a hurried frenzy, praying the eyeliner goes on just right. Jabbing myself in the eye with my wand of mascara, hoping it didn’t smudge my freshly applied eyeliner. Hastily grabbing at cotton swabs and makeup remover to cleanse the mistakes away. Snatching my dress from it’s velvet home and carefully lowering it over my head, to make sure it does not take off my tediously applied makeup. Stumbling around on one foot while I strap my heels to my feet. Grabbing my purse as I dart for the door. Tonight, I’m going out.

11802774_10204266370210749_2141965058941578357_oGetting dolled up and glitz’d is fun, especially when dressing to go out with friends. It can be frustrating when make-up doesn’t look just like the pinterest post or the YouTube “how to” clip. When I get ready I have my laptop, phone and magazines out for display so I can attempt to emulate the glamorous individuals with flawless makeup. With brushes in hand, I try to carefully paint my “face” on. Some often paint faces that are entirely different from their own. They craft a Picasso, when they should be a Renoir. Makeup helps define the features you were born with, not create a mask to hide behind.

I like to play “grown-up” dress-up, painted face and all. Polishing off an already sparkly gem, is what I like to do when I “fanicify” myself. I like to let my internal sparkle, sparkle like the glitter on my eyelids. Getting ready is all about the person you want to be for the night. The right dress and heels make the night. They shape how your night will be. If you have any doubt with the dress, heels or makeup, your night will be cast in a shadow of doubt. If you feel glitzy and glamorous, that is how you will be perceived. Makeup and outfits are all about showcasing your inner human. Present the best you through your outfit choice. I know when I feel and look like I can accomplish anything, because I will. My outfit is the canvas, I am the masterpiece, and my night is my audience. Let the hours of primping and priming look effortless, while my night can’t get any better. xo


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