Glass Slippers, Ruby Reds and Country Boots

The glass slipper will help find your home, the ruby red will take you home and the cowboy boot will make your home. From ball gowns to muck outs, there is the right footwear for every occasion. No matter what life throws your way, people will look down at your shoes and wonder where those feet have been.

At times, my feet take me from concert halls to mountain crawls. Not always does the glass slipper fit, but I can be as sure as he** that I will try my hardest. Life can be tough and my feet oft scream for those ruby reds, but a stiletto is still a stiletto at the end of the night, just like the coach at the end of the fairytale is merely a pumpkin when the clock strikes 12. When the fairytale ends, you will want those good ‘ole country boots to carry you home.

Every woman owns her own pair of glass slippers: those shoes that showcase her inner being. The shoes that represent the soul sole. Mine are my well worn Jack Rogers. They are classy. They are comfortable. They were made popular by a fashion icon First Lady. They are molded to me. They are me.

In each closet is a pair of fierce heels. Those ones that make you feel taller than life. Unreachable. The ones you match with “the” outfit to seek jealous glances from admiring eyes. The untouchable, wantable, leg-elongating shoes distractors.

Each time you adorn yourself with fabulous, favorite footwear, you make your way home. You have those rocks that tie you to your past, your safety, your shelter. Country boots leash me to my past. Ground me. Guide my future choices from my previous experiences. They stomp through the mud, splash through the rain, and dry out in the sunshine. They get beat-up, kicked about, but they stand as tall as those glass slippers, they find their way back home like those ruby reds, and are there for me for the journey: they are my home.


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