Out of Chaos 

If you walked by my desk, you’d see: brightly colored post-it notes, a stack of old papers, bags of untouched food, stacked empty glasses, rubber bands, and countless other items that keep my computer company. To my desk mates, my desk looks as though a small tornado breached my 4 foot area and left everything […]

The New School Outfit

Life is on repeat. Every year you get to a new grade, you pick out the perfect outfit and stand on the front steps to photograph one year older and one year wiser. With backpack strapped to your bag, a nervous grin wide, and pigtails high. Sometimes it’s the same group you are moving forward […]

Door Number Three

You know how people say “when one door closes, another opens”, I truly believe that is the case. With every new decision comes a different path to follow. I have just chosen a different path from behind door number 3. I decided to take a chance on something new and follow my inner guide. Diving […]

The Present Year

Birthdays in my family have always been a monthly affair. From the moment birthday month rolls around, we commence celebration. To us, birthdays are something that properly deserves a cake(s), dinner(s), picnics in the woods and presents.  Lots of presents… Whether we travel, have a stay-cation, or visit our local towns, there is always a plan […]

The Competition

Growing up as a twin turns everything into a competition. Whether that be who is first to the front seat or first to finish a meal, there is always a winner and a loser. Sporting events were no longer about which team won, it was about which one of us scored the most goals, saved […]

The Big Kid

When you are little, you look up to those older for advice. You turn to parents, or other adults for guidance. You see them as gate keepers to all knowledge. I remember asking my parents questions about everything, expecting the perfect and simplified answer in return. I would ask everything from “how was the sun […]

The Sky High Pink Ponytails

Before the walking age, you roll around happily content in the loving arms of those who carry you. There is no need to think about how you get from room to room – tall Giants do that for you. Your life is as simple as the nap filled days you enjoy. As the age of […]

Awaiting Santa’s Arrival

As a child life, can be so simple. The biggest concern is whether a school day is cancelled due to snow, or what to add to a uniform to make it trendy. Going back through my childhood treasures, I find that I thought of things more in black and white. I remember this time of […]

Putting My Face On

Panicking and pacing. Throwing on eyeshadow and lipstick in a hurried frenzy, praying the eyeliner goes on just right. Jabbing myself in the eye with my wand of mascara, hoping it didn’t smudge my freshly applied eyeliner. Hastily grabbing at cotton swabs and makeup remover to cleanse the mistakes away. Snatching my dress from it’s […]

Dear Future TV Husband

As an avid watcher of “reality TV”, I have always asked the question, “how in the world do they find these people?” I now know… I tried to be one of those people. It is odd walking into a new place with hundreds of women (and a few scattered men) all lined up to be […]