Trying on for Size

How does one know whether something fits? Is it the feel, the look, the exact size, or a combination? I’m an avid online shopper, but the amount of guesses I have done on whether something might “fit” is immeasurable. Most of the time, I make it work, and things sit in my closet gathering dust, […]

Out of Chaos 

If you walked by my desk, you’d see: brightly colored post-it notes, a stack of old papers, bags of untouched food, stacked empty glasses, rubber bands, and countless other items that keep my computer company. To my desk mates, my desk looks as though a small tornado breached my 4 foot area and left everything […]

Fall is the New Black

When the days become shorter and the temperature drops, it means fall is upon us. Boot weather, leather jackets, and Uggs come out of hiding. Pumpkin flavored treats litter stores and orange replaces the vibrant pinks of the summer. The trees display hues of yellow, red, and orange. A splendor of color explodes before the […]

Mirror Mirror

Mirrors assist in outfit choosing, make up applying, and fairytale words you wish to hear. Mirrors can make you feel pretty or make you feel disgusting. They can feed into vanity and fix dishevel-ness. Mirrors reflect how you appear to the world.  Without a mirror, eyeliner would be crooked, shirts might be a button askew, […]

The New Addiction

There is never a better feeling than getting a deal. Finding beautiful new clothes, shoes, and purses to add to a vast wardrobe for an eighth of the cost, you feel like you are winning. Thinking that your week’s new outfits will eat up most of your paycheck and then hearing from across the counter […]

From Tims to Stilettos

When I was very young, there was a time that from the moment I awoke, to the moment I hopped into bed, I would be wearing my jelly sandals. It got to the point where the clear sparkles dulled and the straps started to stretch out from over usage. It is sad to admit, but […]

Veil of Waves

Diving into the seemingly eternal abyss. Cringing at the sudden shock of cold flood over you like an electric bolt. Feeling as though you are quickly sinking into further chilling darkness. With tightly closed eyes suddenly opening to the world beneath the liquid mirror, reflecting the sky above. The world is suddenly new and exciting. Flourishing […]

The New School Outfit

Life is on repeat. Every year you get to a new grade, you pick out the perfect outfit and stand on the front steps to photograph one year older and one year wiser. With backpack strapped to your bag, a nervous grin wide, and pigtails high. Sometimes it’s the same group you are moving forward […]

Door Number Three

You know how people say “when one door closes, another opens”, I truly believe that is the case. With every new decision comes a different path to follow. I have just chosen a different path from behind door number 3. I decided to take a chance on something new and follow my inner guide. Diving […]

The Tangled Lines

   Sometimes it can feel as though you are caught in a riptide, getting pummeled by the waves of life. It can feel as though you are struggling to gasp for air. Life has a way of surrounding us like a tightening cocoon, like a python.  In these times, we have to realize that only […]