Trying on for Size

How does one know whether something fits? Is it the feel, the look, the exact size, or a combination? I’m an avid online shopper, but the amount of guesses I have done on whether something might “fit” is immeasurable. Most of the time, I make it work, and things sit in my closet gathering dust, […]

The New Addiction

There is never a better feeling than getting a deal. Finding beautiful new clothes, shoes, and purses to add to a vast wardrobe for an eighth of the cost, you feel like you are winning. Thinking that your week’s new outfits will eat up most of your paycheck and then hearing from across the counter […]

Every Thread Holds a Memory

What if clothes held memories of the time you wore them?  What if the dress you wore to your senior prom or the skirt you wore on the first day of school held on to those moments like a scrapbook? Held in place. Each time you see that dress, the one that made you feel […]

New Love in Old Treasures

Shining objects singing plywood tables. Glistening rings, dusty plates, and old wooden frames crowd the tiny space. Antiques, sentimental items, and exhausted toys sat, staring back at the wandering buyers. Once a family heirloom, a link to the past or a symbol of a previous joy, casually glanced at, picked up, or purchased. Setting out […]

The Sensory Shopping Expedition

Have you ever wandered through a store just to see what beautiful things are on display? I often like to meander about in stores, taking in the faint perfume and linen scent, looking at clothes as pieces of artwork. That is what I think of clothing – it is a showcase of one’s inner being; […]

We Go Together Like Sunshine and Lilly

I hang on the end of the rack with my brightly colored print hoping to become the newest “IT” piece. I am rather small and hug certain curves in the best way. My detail and vibrant floral print only looks right for certain women. I am a short dress; but only short on someone with […]

Lessons Learned as a Seasoned Shopper

As a somewhat aggressive shopper/shopaholic I have learned a few tricks. Don’t buy full price (unless you really need it or must have it): usually stores keep their new inventory on the floor for about 3 to 4 weeks and then slowly turn it over to sale Use Amazon for a rough price point: Amazon […]