Sawyer Thoughts

At 6:15 AM, if you aren’t up, I will get you up. I will paw at your covers till I find your hands. I will make sure your hands are atop my head. I will nose you till your hands find my head. I want to make sure that you know that my tummy is […]

A Memory Flash

Some objects have the power to link us to our past. Whether it is the blanket you slept with as an infant, the boots that led you to new heights, or that stuffed animal that helped you fight the monsters under your bed. For me… That was Fetch. Fetch was a soft and well-cuddled TY […]

Moving Spaces

Moving spaces is like opening a blank journal with pages yet to be written. The blank canvas waiting for a masterpiece. The design waiting to be created. Life is a series of blank pages waiting for the right words. Like sheet music waiting for the lyrics with the melody already in mind. Moving spaces is […]

Dear Human

Dear Human, As I sit here at your feet, between dreams of running and growling, I contemplate our time together. Since you picked me out of the litter of yellow’s, I knew I was home. The paddle pool swim sessions to the accidental piddles, I knew this was meant to be. As I grew significantly […]

The Greener Side of Life

As a country girl born and raised, I share the “grass is always greener” mentality with my fellow cows. Stretching necks, burrowed noses and elongated tongues, sometimes the grass over the fence is just that much better. The wafting scent of fresher pasture is enticing. Seeing what is well within reach and just outside of […]

Kitties, Crumbs and Cuteness

Nestled away off the beaten path of Georgetown, I walked into what looked like a coffee shop. Greeting me in the window sat a little black cat statuesque, looking off passively out into the street. Passers-by gazed lovingly at this cat, wondering in at the leisure to see what the entrance line was all about. […]

Life with a Furry Friend

I am the type of person who squeals at the sight of a dog. Dogs make me happy. They are always excited to see you, always pawing for your attention, can instantly gage the type of person you are and never back-talk. They are more loyal than any human and are there for you when […]