Pumpkin Season

Pumpkin is officially the staple of fall. From pumpkin flavored lattes to pumpkin scented candles- everything is gourd themed. With long shadows painting sepia landscapes and squeals of insects acting like the symphony of sunshine. Fall encompasses jackets, spice, and everything nice. The greatest part of fall is the constant golden hour (usually the best […]

Push, Pat, Pearls

As one adorns the face of the day, lipstick, hairspray, and pearls, one arms oneself for the day. Some of the battles fought throughout the day now involves “the worst life”. Fighters in these battles fight tooth and nail to determine who has it worst. With the worst day, worst week; worst food, worst drink […]

The New School Outfit

Life is on repeat. Every year you get to a new grade, you pick out the perfect outfit and stand on the front steps to photograph one year older and one year wiser. With backpack strapped to your bag, a nervous grin wide, and pigtails high. Sometimes it’s the same group you are moving forward […]

All of Three Seconds

It only takes three seconds for someone to judge you. When you walk into a first date, interview, or meeting, by the time you’ve said your first and last name, a person has already made up their mind about you. If you are like me, then changing your mind once it has been made is […]

A Passing Wave

Windows down. Music blasting. Hair tousled by the circulation of fresh air. Cruising along the dirt, back country roads. Stopping and swerving for animals. Familiar with every winding curve. Every passing vehicle. Every stalk of corn. Passing a fellow dirt road navigator, there is a sign that portrays a sense of knowing: the passing wave. […]

Life is but a Wait

Sitting, standing, thumbs twiddling. Waiting. Checking clocks. Waking phones. Hoping my name is called, I reach the end of the line, or I finally receive what I have been anxiously awaiting. Life is made up of a serious of place holders, what you do with those place holders is up to you. Waiting for your dream. […]

Never a Dull Sparkle

I think it is safe to say that I have never lived a dull moment in my life. Boring people are the only ones who are ever bored. Life is exciting and invigorating. There are countless things to do, even on the rainiest of days. There is no grey cloud in the sky that will […]

Glass Slippers, Ruby Reds and Country Boots

The glass slipper will help find your home, the ruby red will take you home and the cowboy boot will make your home. From ball gowns to muck outs, there is the right footwear for every occasion. No matter what life throws your way, people will look down at your shoes and wonder where those […]